For your building design, passenger situation, the daily flow of different, we tailor your tailor-made for different maintenance methods and maintenance plans for you to choose; in our efforts to develop preventive maintenance, in the daily maintenance to reduce the failure rate of equipment , So that your elevator is always in the best running state.

  • Traditional Service Guideline

    To meet the different needs of our customers, the services provided by Nantong FUJI can be classified as follows.

    Regular service: 

    FUJI conducts regular services via its preventive service program - typical intervals for regular elevator and escalator services are two weeks.

    Fixed-point service: 

    In addition to our regular services, FUJI provides a 24h stand-by service with specialized technicians.

    Semi-comprehensive maintenance:

    In addition to our regular services, FUJI freely supplies spare parts that have a unit price lower than a certain level.

    Comprehensive maintenance:

    In addition to our regular services, FUJI freely supplies spare parts excluding the following items: gear machines, controllers, motors, suspension ropes, travelling cables, elevator cars for elevators and gear machines, handrails, steps, sprockets, and step chains for escalators.

    Traditional Service Guideline
  • Value-added Services

    Remote Monitoring Services

    Remote Monitoring System is made up of the "Data collection and analysis system", that is installed on site, and the "Remote monitoring and management system", built in the maintenance dept. It is the ideal choice of elevator monitoring systems for intelligent residential complexes.

    The Maintenance Dept is able to have real time monitoring of on-site elevators using its computerized system.

    The on-site data collector is able to make logical analysis, automatic warnings and pre-signal breakdowns.

    Also managing customer and breakdown information.

    VIP Service

    When our customers host important events (e.g. opening ceremonies, large conferences etc) or receive distinguished leaders or VIPs, you can notify FUJI's Maintenance Department in advance and we will inspect the relevant elevators especially for you while deploying experienced technicians to supply stand-by services.

    Annual Inspection Service

    With the consent of local authorities, Schindler is able to carry out site inspections for elevators with limited speed capacities and can issue those that passed the inspection with official certificates. This featured service can reduce the time required for safety inspections.

    Traditional Service Guideline
  • Traditional Service Guideline
  • Value-added Services
Spare parts Spare parts

For your building design, passenger situation, the daily flow of different, we tailor-made for your different maintenance methods 

and maintenance plans for you to choose; in ourend is in the best running state.

2015 - 06 - 05
FUJI maintains and provides spare parts for all types of FUJI elevators. Spare parts are stocked in central warehouses and locations throughout the country, so that FUJI is able to respond quickly to your demand. All the inventory information is now in a common information platform, allowing stocks to be
2017 - 08 - 28
Users who sign a maintenance contract with Nantong Fujitec will fully enjoy the door-to-door service of preferential spare parts.
2017 - 08 - 28
The spare parts we provide are all safe and reliable original Fuji parts, and comply with ISO9001 quality standards. Through a quality assurance system, we are committed to your interests over the long term, continuously improving our services and backed by global technical strength. The goal is to get the most out of your device.
Large customer of high quality partnership

With the cooperation of important customers to establish a common pursuit of each other, reliable, excellent, efficient and safe is our common goal. These prestigious partners trust and maintain a long-term business relationship.

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24 hours a day, 365 days a year, customer service center professionals regardless of day and night at any time for your service.We are committed to providing quality hotline services to all customers who have signed a maintenance contract. For non-elevators and not the maintenance of our elevators also provide quality, dedicated service. We will promptly send maintenance technicians to the scene to deal with the problem, and track the results to ensure customer satisfaction.



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